Why King Tide

1. We are local investors, selecting local talent to manage local equities

2. We do our own research, drawing on more than forty years combined experience in selecting absolute return managers

3. We are strongly committed to simplicity and transparency

The Fund is a single strategy, multi-manager fund based on our fundamental belief that great managers in their own niche market can produce outstanding results both in terms of risk and return. All of our  underlying managers run risk based strategies and invest principally in Australian and NZ  equities.

4. We are a results driven, performance based investment manager

Our fee structure is made up of a low, closed administration fee (we do not charge additional costs to the Fund), and a ten percent performance fee.

5. King Tide maintains a database of all ‘risk based active managers’ in Australasia, and is constantly monitoring existing and new funds

6. We believe in skin in the game and our directors, and investment committee members, are among the largest investors in the Fund.

All of our underlying managers are significant investors in their own funds.

7. King Tide has appointed an experienced Board of Directors, and top tier trustee, custodial, legal advisors and auditors to ensure investor protection and compliance

Why invest in Australia and New Zealand

All of our managers have their own capital at risk in their funds, and all are large shareholders in their funds management businesses.

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Our Beliefs

  • Equity markets are volatile, and the companies which comprise the market are even more volatile
  • Individuals investing in equities directly often lose money
  • While there are talented managers in many large institutions, they are generally restricted in their ability to protect their positions or to stray too far from ‘the market’ as defined by market indexes
  • Most fund managers therefore, closely track equity market returns, so of course, are no ‘less risky’ than the market itself
  • Risk and return are not as correlated as the financial services industry would have you believe.  We agree with Warren Buffet that “risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing”
  • It is possible to achieve higher returns with less risk, if you define risk as we do, as ‘the chance of losing capital’
  • Minimising losses is central to growing your wealth over time
  • Local experienced managers have a competitive advantage in their local market