Fund Overview

  • King Tide is available to wholesale investors only
  • King Tide Asset Management Limited is a specialist and independent investment management company based in New Zealand,King Tide NZ/Australian Long/Short Equity Fund (the Fund).
  • King Tide is a single strategy Australasian specialist long/short equity fund
  • We find, research and allocate capital to a select number of Australasian equity specialists
  • We will always have at least eight underlying managers, with a maximum of 17.5% allocated in any one underlying fund
  • All of our underlying managers have a significant portion of their own capital invested in their funds
  • We closely monitor capacity and fund size


The King Tide NZ/Australian Long/Short Equity Fund Structure

The Fund is a New Zealand domiciled unit trust which has elected to be a Portfolio Investment Entity (“PIE”) investing in a selection of NZ/Australian domiciled long/short equity managers. The structure has been selected because it provides the most attractive New Zealand tax structure available to King Tide for both local and international investors. See the registered Information Memorandum for more details as to how both New Zealand and overseas investors may be treated for New Zealand tax purposes.

Investment objectives and policy

The Fund’s investment objective is to outperform our equity benchmark (90% ASX/10% NZX) over any three year period with significantly lower volatility than the benchmark.

The Fund aims:

  • to provide local and international investors with diversified, active exposure to the New Zealand and Australian equity markets, through allocating capital to a select group of risk based equity funds domiciled in these markets;
  • to allocate capital to talended managers who have the mandate and the tools at their disposal to protect their portfolios from ‘market risk’;
  • to select managers who are significant investors in their funds;
  • to select managers who focus on performance rather than growth in funds under management – will limit the size of their fund(s);
  • to invest in no less than 8 underlying funds. The Fund will not have more than 25% exposure to any one underlying fund, and will invest no more than 17.5% of the Fund initially in any one underlying fund.