Australasian equities fund

King Tide Asset Management (“King Tide”) is a specialist, independent investment management company and the manager of the “King Tide NZ/Australian Long/Short Equity Fund”.

We research and select managers who employ risk based strategies to extract gains from the divergent sectors in the Australasian equity markets.

The King Tide team have more than 100 years experience in capital markets as managers, investors and allocators of capital.

We look for great people, an alignment of incentives, and skin in the game.

The Fund offers access to some of Australasia’s best “risk-based” equity managers.

King Tide has a simple, transparent, tax effective “PIE” structure, making it appealing to NZ and offshore investors.

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Key facts

  • An investment in King Tide is an investment in a team of experienced and successful equity managers specialising in Australasian equities
  • There are more than seventy risk based equity funds operating in Australia and New Zealand who invest principally in Australasian equities
  • The vast majority of these managers have outperformed the market since their inception, many with lower volatility
  • King Tide selects and allocates capital between eight and sixteen of these managers
  • King Tide’s directors and personnel are all significant investors in the fund
  • We constantly monitor our selections and may vary the weightings as well as the underlying managers
  • We do not have any special arrangements with any of our underlying managers
  • King Tide’s aim is to produce a net return to investors which is higher than the market, with significantly lower volatility